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Crafting Day of the Dead


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About Crafting Day of the Dead

This trip is unique, for it is largely focused on going deep into a single, traditional community. It is for those who want to learn how elegant ceremony and remembrance is created; woven of handmade meals,  fresh flowers, beeswax candles, stone-milled chocolate, a night of altar visits and the slow gathering of a village to give love to their departed ancestors. 6 days, 5 nights of beautifully genuine travel.

Day of the Dead is a celebration of life! It is entirely about family, community and sharing the gift of beauty. This experience is for those who want to live that beauty, community and celebration.

Our immersion puts us in the midst of the preparations and celebration of this important ceremony and as we participate, we learn. We’ll try our hands at the candle-makers craft. We’ll make Oaxacan mole and tamales, learn how to make tortillas, meet potters who make stone-polished cookware, cut flowers, visit a mezcal distiller and cottage industry apron makers, mill our own chocolate, visit the baker, head to the village market, learn a few words in Zapotec and bring it all together to create our own Day of the Dead altar. One that is composed of elements that are infused with own creative spirit.

As we learn these skills we’ll be meeting a village, and for a sweet, long moment, becoming part of that village. We stay in the village of Teotitlan, walking to the market, buying our breakfast ingredients, cooking together, spending time with Zapotec women and men who share their skills and knowledge with us.

On the special night of ritual altar visits and offerings of food gifts in the village, we will visit the households of people we have come to know. And they will come to make offerings to our altar as well.

It is called Day of the Dead, but it is many days, for a celebration is like a fine meal, comprised of diverse ingredients, including patience, skill and care. It is not only the food of that meal that nourishes, but all that goes into the crafting of it. This is precisely what this journey of slow food and slow arts is about; being nourishes by all that goes into the crafting of the day of the dead.


  • Learn to make tamales, mole, tortillas, chocolate
  • Hands-on candle making and altar building
  • Meet weavers, natural dyers, potters, mezcal distillers
  • Slow down and meet the people of a beautiful village
  • Become part of Oaxaca’s Day of the Dead celebration