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Making Change Through Clay Tour

Every Friday

Quick Details

  • Dates: Every Friday
  • Duration: 5 hours (9 a.m. – 2 p.m.)
  • Capacity: 2 minimum/10 maximum
  • Where: Oaxaca
  • Departing and ending point: Hotel pick-up and drop-off

About the Clay Tour

For almost four thousand years, the potters of Oaxaca have supplied this land with its necessary kitchenware. The potter skills have been passed on, mother to daughter, generation after generation. It all worked quite well until the plastic bucket, tin can, and aluminum pot lurched onto the scene a few decades ago and pottery began to be pushed aside. An ancient trade and way of life is coming apart.

Meet the change makers of Innovando la Tradición, people who are looking for creative solutions to this challenge, building bridges between ancient and modern traditions.

We begin the day learning about their entrepreneurial work at their Oaxaca City office, then head to a nearby pottery village to spend a relaxed and playful morning at the home workshop of one of the collective’s potters, learning about her trade, the changes in her life brought through being a partner with Innovando la Tradición, and getting our hands in the clay so that we can truly feel the story of Oaxacan clay.

A Change & Maker Experience

We highlight traditional makers (artisans, rural chefs, farmers) collaborating with innovative changemakers (social entrepreneurs, cooperatives, etc.) doing good work that makes a difference in the lives of traditional people. A percentage of your tour price supports the artisans and changemaker organizations we partner with. And your presence and interest are priceless nods of approval to people working against the odds to make a difference.