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The Last Incan Bridge

man sitting with woven grass used to build the last Incan bridge

In June of this year we will be lucky enough to witness the annual rebuilding of the last Incan rope bridge, a magnificent work of communal art along an ancient Incan pathway. The bridge made of woven grass in one of the only ones left of its kind. It is not that this rope bridge has somehow magically survived countless centuries of weather, each bridge only lasts one year. What is many centuries old is the annual community ritual of rebuilding this bridge on the same curve of the river, along the same ancient trail, held by the same stone anchors and using the same methods that have been passed down since long past the reach of memory.

Artisans working on the building of the last Incan bridge

Each year four communities, two from the south side of the canyon, two from the north, unite to collectively make a bridge entirely by hand… twined, braided and knitted together in three days. So though this bridge, called Q’eswachaka, is ancient, it never grows old. Each year it is reborn through the working hands of men and women and a shaman’s blessing. On our Last Incan Bridge Tour we get to see and be part of this moment. This multi-village work party and ritual little changed in five centuries.

men building the last Incan bridge, Peru

We will witness the rebuilding of this bridge. We cut grass and learn to twine rope and we will meet the men and women, dressed in their beautiful traditional clothing, who keep this bridge alive.

This is the heart of our trip. But there’s more, for a bridge exists to connect roads which exist to connect communities. Our trip mimics that of ancient traders who would have traveled the stone paved pathways of the Inca empire. We’ll visit Cusco, stay in small villages, eat home-cooked meals and visit the beautiful Colca canyon, home of the Andean condor. There will be llama and alpaca, traditional weavers and music.

Boy in traditional peruvian dress

We’d love you to come along for this once in a lifetime ride! You can find the full  itinerary here, and if you’re quick can make the most of our lovely early bird discount, which runs until April 4th.