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Keith Recker True Colors

Keith Recker has done a heap of fascinating things in his life from being an executive at Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdales to being the founder of the beautiful HAND/EYE magazine. He is the creative director of the International Folk Art Market, a senior consultant at Pantone Color Institute and contributing editor at Table Magazine. His most recent joy is his new book, all about color and natural dyes called True Colors. Because of his intuitive relationship with color I think of him as a color shaman. Our conversation is a thought stimulating exploration that wanders into the slow food movement and comes out with the birthing dream of the slow color, slow arts, slow clothing movement where “lack of newness is the new newness”. We discuss clothing as medicine, cloth and dyes as potential tools for a healthy planet, we explore holy waste, dirty fashion and the idea of wrapping yourself in turmeric. Themes in our conversation are revolutionizing the way I’m thinking about the clothing I wear and having me consider never buying a paper towel again. This is a fascinating conversation, you will not be disappointed. Find Keith on Instragram @thechromosapian True Colors direct from the publisher  Thrums Books