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Traditions Mexico Cultural Journeys


Natividad Amador

Hailing from the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, the region of Mexico that inspired much of Frida Kahlo’s wardrobe, Natividad paints with thread. Her work is the most beautiful traditionally inspired, contemporary textile work I know. She has a background both in the traditional embroidery that Juchitan and the Isthmus is famous for and training as a…

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December 21, 2019

An Interview with Amy Butler Greenfield

Amy Butler Greenfield took a deep dive into the fascinating history of this planet’s best natural red dye, cochineal, and wrote a book called A Perfect Red to share the story. Spaniards, Aztecs, conquest, riches, sumptuousness, treason all in the story of a bug the size of shrivelled pea.  I first met Amy when she…

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October 30, 2019

Demetrio Bautista Lazo. Master Natural Dyer and Weaver

Demetrio Bautista is a master tapestry weaver and natural dyer from the Mexican village of Teotitlan del Village in the state of Oaxaca. He is tri-lingual, travels internationally to show his weavings and is highly regarded in the world of natural dyers. Weaving has been a trade in Teotitlan for centuries. In this interview he…

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October 18, 2019