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An Update From Our Founder Eric Mindling

a view of a lush green hillside

These are the strangest of times. And not the best of times to travel, worse still to be a travel company, gulp!  I believe in celebrating life, joy and beauty, and travel is a fantastic element of such celebration. But just now travel has become complicated and perhaps even momentarily irresponsible.

We are taking this time to reflect and of course plan some new adventures. We will open our doors again and connect communities once this blows over. Then will be a more important time than ever to travel. Our presence and our economic impact will matter significantly in the places we travel too. And the experience of getting back out into the world will be good for our hearts.  In the meantime, with all of us sitting still for a moment, I can hear planet earth sighing. Pollution has dropped significantly from China to Italy and it’s beginning here in the US. Pachamama is not complaining.

Hold onto the light and lightness, enjoy the cleaner skies, sing from the windows like the Italians are doing, and day dream about travels to come.

We’ll be sharing some virtual tours for armchair travellers over the coming weeks on our social media, we’d love to see you there.

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