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An Interview with Amy Butler Greenfield

Amy Butler Greenfield took a deep dive into the fascinating history of this planet’s best natural red dye, cochineal, and wrote a book called A Perfect Red to share the story. Spaniards, Aztecs, conquest, riches, sumptuousness, treason all in the story of a bug the size of shrivelled pea.  I first met Amy when she came to Oaxaca, Mexico a handful of years ago to explore stories of cochineal in the land that is likely its source. She had hired me to be her guide, but I spent the day joyfully being her student. In this conversation she shares some of the fascinating stories from the book as well as her own fun stories about how she became inspired to write about it while learning through ancient, leather bound books in a noble Spanish library. She speaks at least as well as she writes; clear, knowledgeable, enjoyable, insightful.

*With Eric on one side of the planet, Amy on the other and a windy day on the internet in between, we ask for your tolerance for the audio on this call. The conversation is good, even if we do sound half alien.

Click here to listen to the interview!