Traditions Mexico Cultural Journeys

The Traditions of Death

This month I stood vigil at the death bed of my father’s wife, the woman who has been my stepmother since I was 6. The one who gave me gifts of homemade…

Life and the Dead in Oaxaca


By Carolyn Kallenborn, Artist and Social Designer As an artist, all of my works are very personal. Though the form may vary from sculpture to dyed and stitched cloth to an installation or a film, the work always originates from a story or experience I want to share.  I create works as visual poetry, not…

The Color Purple – Purpura Shell Dyeing in Oaxaca


By Marilyn Murphy, founder of Cloth Roads – A Global Textile Marketplace Gone are the days when hundreds of Mixtec men scrambled over the rocky Oaxacan shoreline north of Huatulco to extract the milky liquid from the purpura patula, a marine mollusk. But thankfully to the persistence of a few people, the tradition of shellfish dyeing…

Tlaxiaco’s “Top” Surprise


By Antonio Recamier, Guide at Traditions Mexico I don’t consider myself a food expert, but living in Oaxaca for over six years definitely has made me a food lover. Every market we visit, every restaurant we try out; it is always a culinary treat. Some of the capital’s most popular restaurants stand out for their…

Days of Plagiarism


By Diego Mier y Terán, Co-Founder Innovando la Tradición Lately, there has been an outcry on social media over the numerous cases of plagiarism that have come to light. I am not talking about our distinguished Mexican President’s dissertation (although it is quite a coincidence), but about the many well-established companies that are appropriating…

A Deeper Oaxaca

Mexican ruins.

By Eric Mindling Oaxaca, Mexico is rightfully famous. The historic core of Spanish colonial Oaxaca city is a UNESCO world heritage site loved for its lively artistic and cultural life and superb regional cuisine. Just beyond the city crowning a mountain top are the ruined temples, palaces and ball court of the ancient Zapotec kingdom…

Off the Beaten Path with Traditions Mexico


  By Lauren Alexander on 14/09/207 – Que Pasa Oaxaca – Traditions Mexico is not your average tour company. Established in 1997, they offer cultural journeys for travelers who want a more immersive and hands-on experience than what may be offered by other tour companies. Their well-experienced guides chaperone travellers through remote villages and…

Silk Production in San Pedro Cajonos

A roof and a valley.

From the Capitol city of Oaxaca, we travel up a beautiful forest road to arrive at the Martinez family home in San Pedro Cajonos. San Pedro is one of three villages that make up the trilogy of the Oaxaca silk route, in the municipality of San Francisco Cajonos.  Recently, the weavers in this area have…

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