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The Last Incan Bridge


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Witness the renewal of the last Incan rope bridge, a magnificent work of communal art along an ancient Incan pathway. Follow the time-worn trade routes of southern Peru and stay in rural communities. This is a journey for travelers who long to get off the beaten path and see what is real about a place on earth.

The river of the Speaking Gods, the Apurimac, flows through southern Peru. On the bend of a remote canyon the last Incan bridge is suspended above this river.It is made of grass.

It is not that this rope bridge has somehow magically survived countless centuries of weather. A hanging grass bridge in the Andean highlands only lasts a year. What is many, many centuries old is the annual community ritual of rebuilding this bridge on the same curve of the river, along the same ancient trail, held by the same stone anchors and using the same methods that have been passed down since long past the reach of memory.

This is ancient, living cultural art and ritual.

To witness the annual rebuilding of this bridge is to travel through time to an era when great public works were done by community and by hand. This is still true on the bend of the Apurimac. And though once there were bridges like this throughout the Andes, the work and ritual has been lost.

But not in this place called Q’eswachaka. Four communities, two from the south side of the canyon, two from the north, come together to collectively make a bridge entirely by hand… twined, braided and knitted together in three days.

This fascinating, pioneering tour takes you there. We will witness the rebuilding of this bridge. We cut grass and learn to twine rope and we will meet the men and women, dressed in their beautiful traditional clothing, who keep this bridge alive.

This is the heart of our trip. But there’s more, for a bridge exists to connect roads which exist to connect communities.

Our journey is a magnificent journey through the paths and communities forged by the centuries in the Southern Andes

This trip mimics that of ancient traders who would have traveled the stone paved pathways of the Inca empire, carrying cargo with trains of llama. In our van we will follow ancient routes, from Arequipa far in the south, beneath the volcanos, to the elegant Incan capital city of Cusco. Along our route we will visit sections of the Incan trail, the temples of fallen kingdoms and Incan granaries. We’ll stay in small villages, eat home-cooked meals and visit the beautiful Colca canyon, home of the Andean condor. There will be llama and alpaca, traditional weavers and music. This epic journey takes us over and around magnificent mountains, through the contrasts between past and present, surrounded by the most beautiful scenery and across a bridge that connects people, and like a wrinkle in time, connects centuries.

With the majestic presence of the Apurimac river in the background, archaeological sites covering various kingdoms and hundreds of years of Andean history, and most importantly, the presence and smiles and hands of amazing true artisans and communal leaders of this part of the world, Q’eswachaka, the last Incan Bridge, will connect you deeply with the true, still-beating heart of the The Andes. As with the bridge, it may result in a link that will last forever.

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