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Textiles of Peru


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About a Textiles of Peru

In the immersive, personal, off-the-beaten-path style of Traditions Mexico, we present you textile traditions of Peru!

There is no place like Peru for weaving. Ancient skills madly alive, fibers like alpaca, vicuna, and wool, a heritage of rich design and the crispy cold air of the towering Andes that make those warm fibers just that much nicer.  On our 12 day/11 night sojourn into the mountain realms of the Quechua, where the echoes of the Inca are alive everywhere, from the stone temples to the woven designs, we take you deep into the traditional world of Peruvian weavers.

In communities seldom visited by outsiders we will meet groups of weavers who, with great pride and humility, share with us the skill of their hands; from the art of drop spindle spinning alpaca wool while walking, to the variety of fine techniques used to create designs, borders and fringes as well as the knowledge and skills of natural dyeing. Indeed, we take natural dyeing even deeper, with a hands-on workshop with a master of the art to learn his approach to beautiful tones and learn about gorgeous, little known Andean dye plants.

What makes this grand Peruvian journey beyond special is our partnership with Threads of Peru.  Threads of Peru is a not-for-profit social enterprise that connects the world to handmade treasures of the Andes helping to strengthen ancient craft techniques and empower artisans. Together with them, we meet artisans committed to bettering their lives. Our access to the world of these weavers is one-of-a-kind, meaningful and by being here we contribute a drop of goodness to the tide of bettering lives; ours and theirs.

And there’s more! From stays in beyond-beautiful towns, utterly breathtaking mountain views at every turn, chocolate, and chicha, wood-oven bread, medicinal plants, eye-candy everywhere in the community fashion of the Quechua people and heart opening connections.


  • Visits to amazing villages in the back of beyond
  • Women’s weaving cooperatives working for change
  • Gorgeous Quechua loom work of hand-spun alpaca wool
  • Natural Dye Workshop with unique Andean species
  • Cusco and the Sacred Valley, the dramatic land of Incas
  • A Change Maker tour that highlights social enterprise

Optional Machu Picchu Pre-Tour

It is hard to come to Peru without visiting Machu Picchu. Our tour is focused on off-the-beaten path villages and textiles and Machu Picchu is not on our schedule. If you’d like to visit it, we suggest you coordinate the visit through our trusted travel partners in Peru. Contact us to learn more.