A Journey to Morocco: For Lovers of Textiles and Folk Art

June 12-22, 2020

Quick Details

  • Dates: June 12-22, 2020
  • Duration: 11 days / 10 nights
  • Departing and ending point: Marrakech, Morocco
  • Want your own room? Single supplement option available for an additional $450
Single Supplement

About a Journey to Morocco

This is a journey into Morocco for lovers of textiles, traditional arts and human culture. On this 11 Day/10 night adventure we take a long deep peek at the endlessly fascinating Red City, Marrakech, and a three day excursion to mountain villages to meet the old-time Berbers in their homes. We won’t haul you all over the country checking off sites, rather we’ll take the time to go deeper, meet a place more personally, get the feel of the mood and rhythm of a city.

We stay inside the Medina, the old walled city of Marrakech, our hotel an ancient home beautifully restored and built around our own private courtyard. We will visit market stalls and shops specializing in weavings and diverse folk arts, we’ll meet designers fusing old creativity with new, we visit the home/workshop of Yves Saint Laurent, eat delicious foods in open air restaurants, try our hands at pottery and embroidery, learn about Moroccan cooking, eat olives, participate in good causes and meet snake charmers and bards. The background sound track are the street musicians and the call to prayer from the minarets. Welcome to a place a long way from home!

And then we go further still, leaving behind the mysteries and discoveries of Marrakech for the wide open silence of the High Atlas mountains and the land of the Berbers. We will visit villages not overrun by the 21st century. Ahhh. We travel in 4×4 SUV’s, staying in simple village lodging (be sure to read about trip difficulty below) and meeting people, who like their homes, are of the earth. We will spend time with rug weavers, shear with a shepherd and learn about baking Moroccan bread.
Earth and wool, hearth smoke and freshly swept courtyards. Sun warmed stones and a cozy room on cool nights. Voices of another culture, piles of market spices and a garden or roses. There are worse ways to spend one’s time.



  • Marrakech! Markets, street mazes, good meals
  • Visits to Berber artisans in the High Atlas mountains
  • Rug weaving and hands on embroidery classes
  • From village rug weavers to high scale urban carpet shops
  • Visits to pottery, glass, basketry and plaster workshops

Is This the Right Trip for You?

The unique access we provide on this trip requires a certain degree of physical fitness and a willingness to rough it a bit during the mountain travel portion. To join this trip you must have the ability to comfortably walk up to 6 miles a day as we visit workshops and sites in Marrakech. Our village visits are via small 4 wheel drive vehicles, count on it being bouncy. While in the mountains, though we won’t be walking too much, we will be staying in a basic, simple, clean mountain hostel. We’ll have the whole place to ourselves and the rooms have private baths. However we will need to pair you up with more than one roommate. The rooms are few and are triples and quadruples. There are no single rooms in the village. Kinda like summer camp kiddos! In our experience it is fun. But bring your earplugs.