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About Us

The journeys created by Traditions Mexico are one of a kind – unique and innovative cultural journeys built around learning, understanding, going beyond, engaging, and connecting people to people. We offer trips that take you comfortably beyond the ordinary in Southern Mexico.

Our journeys range in length from one day to two weeks. We travel in small groups, no larger than 12, so as not to overwhelm our hosts and so that our visits can be personal and meaningful. We create off-the-beaten-path experiences that cater to an audience that is curious about the world beyond their borders, roots, and culture.

Our back-cactus journeys immerse you in the ways of life of the little-known, culturally diverse world of Oaxaca and Chiapas. They introduce you to the people and places of another land, another way, and another pace.

Traditions Mexico takes you across that cultural gap by creating encounters around common interests such as pottery, weaving, and food creation or immersing ourselves in the goings-on of a local festival. In this way, we share and participate, creating a two-way exchange and a dynamic encounter, breaking down the barrier of “us and them” and creating magical moments of what we believe much of travel is about: people meeting people with their eyes wide open.

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