Oaxaca Textiles: Handmade in the Back of Beyond

September 2018 - March 2019

Quick Details

  • Dates: Sep. 28-30, Oct. 19-21, Nov. 16-18, Dec. 7-9, 2018 | Jan. 11-13, Feb. 1-3, Feb. 22-24, March 15-17, 2019
  • Duration: Three days/two nights
  • Capacity: 2 minimum/11 maximum
  • Where: Far-off mountain village
  • Departing and ending point: Any hotel or B&B located within downtown Oaxaca

About the Textiles Tour

Learn about traditional culture, handmade textiles, and good ideas that make people’s lives better!

Travel with us to a far-off mountain village of crags and pines to visit a project inspired by Gandhi and begun by an American Mystic, resulting in a growing number of villagers making a living by spinning, dyeing, and weaving cotton. We visit this project and see how a good idea has vitalized a community and produces beautiful cloth, and we get a chance to learn and play as well.

While we are there, we stop by a village of creative Zapotec embroiderers far beyond the reach of tourism to see how women decorate their blouses and what new ideas they are coming up with. We also stop by the homes and workshops of a selection of traditional fiber artists to see what their practiced hands are making, from wool hats and wool yarn to cane baskets.

This immersive tour includes good Oaxacan eating, small villages, artisans homes, a diversity of textiles, and an insight into innovative ways to make a living while doing good in a changing world.


  • A day deep in the mountains with a community of inspired artisans
  • Witness natural cotton dyeing
  • Try spinning natural brown cotton on a Gandhian spinning wheel
  • Visit a village of traditional Zapotec embroiderers
  • Learn about social enterprise and textiles, where good ideas get woven together
  • See backstrap and floor loom weaving
  • Two nights in mountain cabins