Oaxaca Pottery: An Immersive Journey in Clay

Quick Details

  • Dates: Nov. 30 – Dec. 2, 2019
  • Duration: Three days/ two nights
  • Capacity: 2 minimum/11 maximum
  • Where: Oaxaca Valleys
  • Departing and ending point: Any hotel or B&B located within downtown Oaxaca

About the Pottery Tour

Immerse yourself in a world of ancient Oaxacan potters and handmade cookware.

Feel the textures of clay from three diverse and ancient pottery communities with your own hands. See how a daughter who learned from generations of women who came before her takes the clay she has harvested and works it into a lithe pot in a way you’ve never seen before. Learn how simple tools, skilled hands, ancestral knowledge, and modern ideas create a livelihood for these select village potters on this immersive tour through Oaxaca.

Learn about Innovando la Tradición, an organization whose singular focus is to improve the lives of traditional potters, and meet some of those potters. Taste food cooked over the fires of small kitchens and spiced with the nuanced flavors of rural Oaxaca. And meet the women and men who carry forth a heritage in clay, a community trade and a way of life that goes back nearly 4,000 years. When we say this trip is immersive, we mean it!


  • Three days, three villages: Coyotepec of the black pottery, San Marcos of the red, and Atzompa of the green
  • In-depth, cultural experience; visit villages, homes, and people
  • Work side by side with potters
  • Learn about harvesting clay
  • Eat home-cooked meals
  • Overnight in the town of Mitla
  • Learn about the meeting of contemporary social enterprise and ancient potters
  • Not a potter? Come as a photographer, a blogger, as someone interested in what’s real about a place. This is a perfect way to get behind the scenes.
  • We take you off the beaten path and into what’s real!