Oaxaca Mezcal and Rural Cuisine Tour

September 2018 - March 2019

Quick Details

  • Dates: Sep. 14-16, Oct. 5-7, Nov. 26-28, Dec. 14-16, 2018 | Jan. 18-20, Feb. 8-10, March 1-3, March 22-24, 2019
  • Duration: Three days/two nights
  • Capacity: 11 maximum
  • Where: Oaxaca City
  • Departing and ending point: Any hotel or B&B located within downtown Oaxaca

About the Mezcal and Rural Cuisine Tour

Go on a journey into backcountry mezcal distilleries and rural kitchens.

Gesturing with callused hands under the brims of weathered hats, campesino distillers tell the tale of the art of making their old-time village elixir. You get to see clay pot and copper pot stills, fresh and aged agave distillate, and visit with the agave whisperer.

Find yourself surrounded by cooking smoke from the agave baking pit and from the fire under the pot in the kitchen, where we see how village mole is made. Try your hand at flipping tortillas (best of luck to you), go deep into a traditional market, meet apron makers, devour meals of simple delights in village homes and small-town eateries that you’re not likely to find on TripAdvisor, and make a delicious salsa of fire-roasted tomatoes and peppers ground in stone and some salt of the brow.


  • Visit three rural distilleries: a clay pot one, a copper pot one, and one with a modern twist
  • Learn from a master about the varieties and moods of agave plants
  • Wood-fire cooking and lots of tasting
  • Finger-singeing tortilla flipping
  • Home-cooked, market-cooked, and street-side-cooked meals
  • A deep dive into the glorious throng of a weekly market
  • Mineral springs and ruins to explore
  • Swing through the home workshop of the apron makers who supply the women of rural Oaxaca
  • Two overnight stays beyond the lights of the city