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Profound Oaxaca:

Textiles, Pottery & Living Arts

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Folk Art


Dec 2-10, 2018


$2,250 usd

Travel into the essence of Oaxaca.
An ideal journey for lovers of authentic folk art and culture.
Visit deeply traditional indigenous communities.
Learn about the dynamic cultural arts of Oaxaca
Immerse yourself a market alive with flavors and colors.
Enjoy a meaningful glimpse of an ancient land’s people, customs & roots.
Meet with weavers and potters,
Discover the soul behind each hand-made piece of art.

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A journey deep into highland Oaxaca and her most rooted communities - a tangible link to a proud and profound history at the crossroads of quickly changing times.

From Oaxaca City to the outlands of the Mixteca, this journey takes us deep into Oaxaca and well off the beaten path. We visit some of the last spectacular regions in Oaxaca where ancestral dress still thrives, where weaving the daily cloth is still a mainstay trade, where pride and identity are still worn over people’s shoulders. We’ll meet potters in several villages and see how they are innovating their way into the 21st century. And immerse ourselves in the swirl of Saturday market and explore crumbling Spanish fortress monasteries.

This is profound Oaxaca, the soulful land where the living roots of this indigenous state’s amazing heritage continue to persist and where the fast changes of the present have been slower to arrive.
We also visit Oaxaca city of beautiful colonial buildings and high speed internet and interesting organizations working in collaboration with traditional artisans.

This is the real world, the deep roots, the ancient ways thriving or fading like a sunset, the fast changing times, the need to adapt and all the creativity that that inspires and the endlessly innovative nature of the human spirit; feet on the ground, eyes to the sky. Profound Oaxaca, far beyond the tourist shows, and so much richer for it.

B=breakfast, L=lunch, D=dinner included in trip cost

Day 1. (D) Arrive in Oaxaca for our first meeting at 6pm followed by dinner on the town.
Overnight in Oaxaca

Day 2. (BL) We will explore Oaxaca City through textiles and clay. A private tour of the Oaxacan Textile Museum that works closely with weavers throughout the state and brings in exhibitions from all over the world and a visit with the directors of Innovando la Tradicion, a non-profit organization working to improve the livelihood of traditional potters. And we’ll explore this beautiful city a bit, peeking into markets, shops and an amazing church or two.
Overnight in Oaxaca City.

Day 3. (BLD) The crown of ancient Oaxaca was the Zapotec kingdom of Monte Alban, now silent pyramids, fallen palaces and ball courts. We’ll make an early morning pilgrimage to this noble sight. Then to the nearby pottery village of Atzompa, turning clay into something fancy for the last 3,000 years! We’ll visit two exceptional potters here before heading on to on old textile mill turned contemporary art center and a visit with artisanal paper makers.
Overnight in Oaxaca City.

Day 4. (BLD) We begin a migration into the uplands of the Mixtec people today heading to a small village with a gigantic church and a history to match, Yanhuitlan. Here we’ll learn a bit about this interesting town, explore the grand church and to cap it off, meet a fascinating contemporary/traditional potter and his family. Our day will wind up in the bustling town of Tlaxiaco where we will spend the next 3 nights.
Overnight in Tlaxiaco

Day 5. (BL) This is the land of the Mixtecs, one of the greatest pre-Conquest civilizations in Mexico that we’ve never heard of. Today finds us in the whispering echo of that high Mixtec culture. So many traditional ways have been lost over the last few centuries and through the ongoing destruction of colonialism…but not all has been lost. We travel today into the far reaches, the secret corners of the Mixtec uplands- to a region where the women, old and young, still dress in a flamboyant and proud style of ruffled dresses and unusual embroidered tops. It is a style unique to them, their roots and their living heritage. A people quietly proud, outwardly humble, we are fortunate to be able to visit such places. We’ll also meet a family of old-time basket makers carrying forward the work of their grandmothers.
Overnight in Tlaxiaco.

Day 6. (BL) We continue our travels into profound Oaxaca, visiting the vestiges of the greatness that once characterized this land’s proud and powerful cultures. Our route takes us to Cuquila and a small collective of women who spin wool and weave and work to keep their trade alive. Then we travel out to the Trique community, where the tropical lowland air meets the crest of the highlands. Here all the women dress in full length, red huipiles, and many women are weavers. We’ll visit with a family of weavers and see how they ply their trade. We’ll enjoy a home cooked lunch in a log cabin cooked up in big clay pots.
Overnight in Tlaxiaco.

Day 7. (BL) Overnight the plaza in front of our hotel will have metamorphosed into a full blown market. Around the clock tower there will be stacks of clay pots, piles of dried palm leaves, handfuls of garlic, chilies, woven palm mats, pirated movies, beef tacos, rubber boots, steel machetes…um, and a lot more! Head out and see it yourself for a while this morning. Plus we’ll have a breakfast of tamales and hot chocolate out there somewhere! Mid-morning we’ll begin our reverse migration back to Oaxaca city, but along the way we’ll stop at one of the grandest ancient churches in Mexico.
Overnight in Oaxaca.

Day 8. (BLD) Into the the land of the Zapotecs today. We travel into the Ocotlan Valley where we’ll visit the source of Oaxaca’s famous black pottery, San Bartolo Coyotepec and meet a potter creatively pushing the edge of this village’s tradition. We’ll also visit a village of back strap weavers, a family that carves beautiful wood figures and we’ll stop in for a visit with a gentleman of a potter who truly sees with his hands, having lost his sight over a decade ago.
Overnight in Oaxaca.

Day 9. (B) It’s a solo journey from here on out. We wish you good adventures!

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Dec 2-10, 2018

Duration: 9 days / 8 nights

Category: Folk Art

Where: Oaxaca Valleys and Mixtec

Departing and Ending point: Oaxaca City

Cost: $2,250 usd per person

Single Supplement: $300 usd

Full payment of your tour is required at time of booking.

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