Textiles! Every Saturday
Looms, Lace, Aprons and Silk

In Brief: A journey into Zapotec households and threaded heritage.


Our day is spent meeting people who keep essential and rare textile traditions of Oaxaca alive. From the floral embroidered aprons made in a village workshop that are an indispensable part of everyday dress for rural women, to the trades of needle lace and silk cultivation, once common in Oaxaca valley and now nearly lost, we’ll learn about these arts of thread, hand and history. In the town of Mitla we’ll visit an old timer who weaves natural dyed wool on backstrap and pedal looms, making shawls and serapes. From village to village, our journey takes us and into home workshops filled with family, stories and skilled craftspeople. You will learn about looms, lace, aprons, silk, wool, natural dyes, pride, heritage, humility, community, family and what off the beaten path Oaxaca is all about. If people, craft and living culture appeal to you, this is a day well spent.


* 8 hour tour (9 a.m. to 5 p.m.)
* Private Transportation
* Bilingual guide
* Lunch
* Entrance fees
* Artisans fees
* Hotel pick-up and drop-off
* Small group (no more than 10 people)

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3. Small groups. Our day groups are always small; no more than 10 people per tour, so not to overwhelm our hosts, and so our visits can be personal and meaningful.

4. Cancellations. You have up to 4 days prior to your tour time to email and cancel your tour with no penalty incurred. A US$35 fee per person will be charged if you cancel less than 4 days prior to your scheduled tour time. Cancellations less than 24 hours prior to tour date are non-refundable.

5. Traditions Mexico takes you beyond the standard sites visited by tourists and travellers and into the wonderful and authentic wilds of backcactus Mexico. As a result we will see things that other visitors seldom or never see. Our travellers should bring with them a willingness to get off-the-beaten-track and a curiosity to see the real world in its true and wondrous colors.

6. Our trips are lead by unique individuals who are more cultural ambassadors than guides. They are specialists and aficionados, authors and long-term students of the cultures of Oaxaca, experienced, involved, and totally in love with what they do!

7. Minimum numbers apply. We require a minimum of 2 travellers to run a trip.

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